By Matt Levy

After every race, author, actor, and comedian Nikki MacCallum’s dad would ask, “What was your time?”

For the record, her father ran the Boston Marathon in 2:48 which Nikki accurately deemed “borderline Olympic speed.” Her fastest run? Hours slower. So, she’d tell him her time, and he’d…

By Matt Levy

“A lot of people believe the Millennials are responsible for killing the supervillain industry but personally I think it was the internet.

“Actually it was me. I did it to myself.”

This is the opening line to writer and director Joe Pontillo’s brilliant 18-minute mockumentary Social Media…

By Dave Stolz

Alex Munguia, a Houston based pop culture commentator has an offbeat influence for a millennial — legendary television personality Dick Clark.

In our interview, Munguia said about Clark, “He set the template for how to approach pop culture and become an ambassador for it. He really had…

By Matt Levy

27-year-old New York City playwright Anthony J. Piccione is unflappable. While most in the theater world speculate and fret on the medium’s future amidst a pandemic, others like Piccione have been envisioning an action-packed future. …

By Matt Levy

Five years ago, Philadelphia comedian Matt Hyams waited in line at the “world famous” Comic Strip comedy club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for an audition date far in the future on an unseasonably warm March afternoon. I stood in line next to him. We…

By Matt Levy

New Jersey comic James Mac steps onstage for a modest bar show in Queens, New York. He sets his phone down near a couple sitting by the makeshift stage to record his set and launches into his trademark dark ten-minute set sharing dark punchline-filled stories about his…

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